To celebrate his 50th birthday, radio host Brendan Jones is releasing his first official memoir Fifty Shades of 50.

This autobiography is the chance to read all about Brendan’s upbringing in suburban Sydney and his journey to becoming a breakfast show host popular Sydney radio station WSFM.

‘Jonesy’ spares no detail, including every awkward ‘first’, from underage beers and odd jobs, to his first ‘full-on tongue’ kiss, and porn magazine mishaps. All his hilarious growing pains and childhood memories are laid out to bare in this book.

Brendan takes readers back to his early radio days as the ‘BJ and DJ’ at 6KA in Western Australia, all the way to 2nm in Muswellbrook.

He tells of his days at i98FM in Wollongong and eventually to Triple M Brisbane where Jonesy worked alongside media personalities including his rival Kyle Sandilands.

Jonesy relives some of those unforgettable moments from the radio waves, including (but not limited to) that impromptu interview with Sting, indulging in Guinness and Irish whiskey with U2 in Dublin, as well as late night calls and escapades with the late Angel’s front man and close friend Doc Neeson.

The book goes beyond Brendan’s radio career, and delves into his adventures in television, like that time he performed on Dancing with the Stars, or how he lost the role as host of The Bachelor to Osher Günsberg.

Brendan also talks about what it is like to fulfil his childhood dream of working for Triply M Sydney before moving to WSFM, and how he got Amanda Keller to join the breakfast team.

Fifty Shades of 50 is one of those feel good books. Brendan is endearing, the twists and turns of his life reveal the different layers of his personality.

He leaves no stone of his personal life unturned, including love story between he and his now wife Helen, the joys of parenthood, his passion for motorcycles, and life behind and away from the mic.

Fifty Shades of 50 is now available to purchase from New Holland Publishers.

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