Supermarket chain Aldi is coming to Dalby, bringing new jobs and retail choice to town.

Council Spokesperson for Planning and Environment Councillor, Andrew Smith, said the interest and arrival of leading Australian and international retailers in the Western Downs will continue to add to the breadth of local businesses already on offer in the region. He says, Aldi’s interest in setting up shop in Dalby highlights the town’s strong regional economy as well as retail confidence in the region. At this stage, the supermarket will be built as close to the CBD as possible .

“It is an exciting time for retail in our region, with confidence in our local businesses continuing to grow across the Western Downs,” he said.

“The jobs created during construction and the opportunities for the use of local suppliers and contractors for civil works will provide a great boost to our local economy across the region.”

With more than 8000 stores around the world and 270 within Australia, Aldi certainly has a pronounced global presence, where its name is synonymous with high quality and exceptional value. The town’s residents are excited about this project as the nearest Aldi store was previously all the way out in Toowoomba.

Councillor Spokesperson for Economic Development Councillor, Donna Ashurst, said leading retailers become destination outlets drawing people to the Western Downs bringing opportunities that flow-on to Queensland communities.

“Aldi, and Bunnings when it opens later in the year, will keep the cash flowing in our towns with people spending money in other local businesses while there,” she said.

“All this contributes to strong economic development, which in turn contributes to strong and vibrant communities for our residents and visitors to live, work, and play.”