The team at Queensland’s Bone Clinic believes it has found a proven method of treating and reversing the effects of osteoporosis. Patients of The Bone Clinic have shown significant improvement, or have even been declared cured within eight to 12 months of undergoing treatment.

Lynn Smith was declared cured of osteoporosis after eight months of treatment with Bone Clinic clinicians. Likewise, Sharon Aitken, a 52-year-old from Algester, overturned her diagnosis after a year by improving her overall strength and her lumbar spine density.

Given these promising improvements, Dr Belinda Beck and clinic co-founder Lisa Weis are confident they have found the recipe to beat, reverse and prevent osteoporosis.

The prevention program is designed to improve strength and balance to decrease the frequency of fracture-causing falls.

“Our results confirm that we have found the right exercise methods to rebuild thinning bone and prevent osteoporotic fractures, saving millions of dollars to our health system while also improving the quality of life of many women and men,” said Dr Beck, a professor at Griffith University Gold Coast.

Currently, osteoporosis affects more than four million Australians,a number likely to increase in only five years. The Bone Clinic estimates it will be saving the Queensland Government approximately $697,300 per day in osteroporotic fractures.

Ms Weis says that if more seniors were to follow the bone building recipe as a preventative measure, the devastating effects of osteoporosis could be avoided.

“Our team at The Bone Clinic comes together to combine exercise physiology, nutrition, and science to find that individualised recipe for people suffering from bone thinning with the aim to stop it and in some cases completely reverse it,” she said.

“If over 30s took the steps now to prevent osteoporosis, they could go a long way to guaranteeing their bone health in the future.”

Bone Clinic is hosting classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 1 PM and Thursdays and Fridays at 8:30 AM at 87 Targo Street, Toowoomba.

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