Scots PGC College Year 11 students Holly Wickham and Tom Winter are proof that balancing sport, academics, and leadership is only a matter of hard work and determination.

Year 11 student Holly Wickham has a long history of success in Equestrian whilst setting her sights high for academic success. Starting from the age of seven and rapidly excelling over the years, Holly has qualified for Nationals on four occasions and will attend again this year.

Recently winning 1st place in the Advanced Freestyle Dressage as well as placing in various other events, she believes the support she has received, not only from the SCOTS Equestrian Team but also her school peers and teachers have attributed to her success. “It’s been great to be part of the SCOTS Equestrian Team and have that support in an otherwise solo sport.” A good balance of sport and academic rigour has helped Holly stay focused in her senior years as she prepares to apply to Bond University to study Actuarial Science.

Tom Winter, one of three brothers to attend SCOTS, also believes that the college and the greater community’s support have enabled him to challenge himself and succeed across a spectrum of activities.

He has been an active member of his class, winning gold when representing Darling Downs in swimming, receiving an academic merit award, and playing a leading role in Grease. However, his main passion is rugby, which he has been playing since he was seven years old. Now, he plays for Scots PGC College as well as the Warwick Water Rats and was recently awarded Player of the Match in the State Championships Under 18s.

After College, Tom hopes to gain a rugby scholarship to study Business at a Brisbane university and play premier rugby at the Queensland level.