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Out of all the seasons, summer provides you with the freedom with your clothes that you would never get in the winter. The cooler, crisp evenings of the season still allow you to wear some of your favourite cardigans to keep you warm, but perhaps the best thing about the season is the ability to wear dresses. After all, they do call them “sun dresses” for a reason.

And then when the summer fades to autumn, we end up packing on the layers and leaving our beloved dresses behind, though there really is no need to ditch dresses altogether considering that a pair of tights can easily transform your summer wardrobe into something seasonally appropriate. A Gurl contributor shares that having a wide range of accessories will provide you an endless number of ways of wearing dresses beyond the summer months.

As any fashion guru will teach you, there are several ways you can work with the dress and a myriad of styles that range from easy jersey maxis to fairytale gowns as showcased on the international retailer Lyst. Although you still have a couple of months before you have to worry about bundling up, it’s good to keep these style ideas in mind for when the weather calls for them.

#1 Throw a cute sweater over a maxi
Because of its length, a maxi is one of the few dresses you’ll own that can smoothly transition between the seasons. A denim jacket and boots will look great with the maxi, but you might want to try something a little different and go for a cozy chic look, as Smart Girls Group calls it.

#2 Pair your mini with pants
Create a whole new feel with one of your shorter dresses by wearing it over pants. Online fashion publication Who What Wear suggest that you wear a pair that has minimal detailing so as to not distract from the dress and to avoid extra bumps.

#3 Wear a dress with a trench and knee high boots
Boots the end at or over the knee can look a little tacky when worn improperly, but a dress that ends right above the boot and finished with a trench coat offers just enough coverage and skin at the same time to still look classy, as demonstrated by Style Motivation.

Images supplied by (L-R) Velvet and Vino, Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips and Style Motivation.

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