International, Polish-born artist Ewa Bathelier’s White dress on Napoli has taken the spotlight at this year’s Toowoomba Grammar Art Show.

The work by Ewa, who has spent her adult life in France, is an acrylic on geotextile of a white ballerina dress, which at $12,000 is the highest priced item in the show. To the eye the dress was on a pale charcoaling Payne’s grey background and was suspended in the centre of the picture plain. Further highlighting Ewa’s work was that it was set in the Inner Circle, curated by Lucy Osborne from Outside The Square Solutions.

Among other works featured in the Inner Circle were pen on paper creations by Erin Rayner, who won the John Winn Memorial Award for Emerging Artist, which was presented by the internationally respected Kendall. Another among those represented in the Inner Circle was Tarn McLean, whose intricate, time-consuming oils of floral arrangements created a lot of interest.

Toowoomba’s Vivienne Heckels, who was the featured artist, had 12 of her works on display, and sold nine of the 10 for sale. The offering by Vivienne, who has a wide fan base, ranged from $1,850 for The Picnic to $650 for Girls with Red Umbrellas, Walking by the Stream, The Wattle Pickers and Look at Our Yellow Dresses.

The entry by Ewa and other high profile artists reflects the continually growing importance and relevance of the Grammar Art Show. This year 182 artists entered more than 600 paintings and works of art with prices down to $40. The incredible range meant there was something for everyone of the patrons who packed, at times shoulder to shoulder, into the show.

As Grammar headmaster Peter B.Hauser said in opening the show, “It has become the major fundraising and social event for the Parents and Friends’ Association,” and as such it maintains a very important place on the school’s calendar.



Banner image: Chris Martin, Jodie Apel, Amanda Carmody, Heidi Ward, Lesley Tatzenko, Pam Brown, Bec Statton, Penny Hely, Lucy Osborn, Kieran Doré, Nicole Allom