Concordia Lutheran College’s 2018 College Captains are Abbey Minnikin and Joshua Richards, along with Campus Captains Blake Johnson and Brooke Hancock.

The 2018 student leaders are committed to building a strong and connected community that supports one another by tackling big issues via open and honest dialogue with the student body at assemblies.

Abbey, wants to create new traditions and opportunities for students to connect and have fun. “I hope to help my peers from both Year 12 and other year levels feel like they are all accepted while sharing our school journey,” Abbey says. “We want to create a fun and innovative school atmosphere at Concordia.”

Joshua Richards says he is committed to promoting the values of community, compassion and courage throughout the College community with the Three Cs of Concordia initiative. “I want to be an active leader on a personal level, helping to motivate and encourage my peers, whether it’s in the classroom, playground or on the sporting field,” says Joshua. “Most of all, I want to mentor and lift up new leaders in our community, supporting them in being innovators, motivators and inspirations to others,” he says.

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