As winter rolls around in Warwick, temperatures begin to drop, trees will change their leaves and, to keep them warm during the chilly month of July, brightly coloured balls of yarn will wrap themselves around the trunks and branches of over 100 trunks.

The Jumpers and Jazz in July festival is yet again set to impress the tens of thousands of visitors who make their way to Warwick each winter to gain a glimpse of the unique and creatively knitted ‘jumpers’ which decorate the town’s deciduous trees.

With registration to participate in the event having recently opened at the Warwick Art Gallery, Director Karina Devine is excited for this year’s festival planning and knitting to get well and truly under-way.

“The Tree Jumper exhibition keeps us busy most of the year but this initial registration process is the most exciting. Everyone is so keen and enthusiastic to find out the theme and start to work.”

Four different categories of ‘yarnbombed’ trees are on display each year with this year’s themed section being inspired by the word ‘meander’.

“We have decided on a theme that should challenge everyone again this year which is what it is all about. We love that people have to be creative and inventive when they interpret the theme in their artwork – you can’t make it too easy,” says Karina.

As a community, local creatives, business owners and professional artists have begun working together to give each tree the artwork it deserves. Karina believes the Jumper and Jazz festival marks a unique time of year where everyday community members, who wouldn’t regularly consider themselves artists throughout the rest of the year, are encouraged to pursue their own creative endeavours.

The gallery’s ‘yarnbombing’ team has also been working on a range of knitted installation pieces, to be displayed at the festival.

Joining the procession of jumper-wearing trees and crochet installations is a new ‘extreme knitting’ workshop lead by the festival’s judge, Sydney based artist, Jaqui Fink.

Offering cash prizes for the most unique and imaginative designs, the Jumpers and Jazz in July festival allocated somebody new to judge the artworks each year. Choosing the most impressive designs at this year’s festival is fibre artist Jaqui Fink.

Jaqui works predominantly with high grade and naturally coloured merino wools from Australia and New Zealand to create her ‘extreme knitting’ artworks. With this year being her first time attending the Jumpers in July festival, Warwick locals will get to appreciate her artwork, which has had such a profound influence internationally, up close .

The Warwick Jumper and Jazz in July festival will this year start on Thursday 20 July and continue through until Sunday 30 July.