An exciting project commissioned by the Melanoma Awareness Foundation will come to fruition at Art Gallery Park in Toowoomba at 9.30am on Saturday, 15 October – the launch of a children’s picture book titled, ‘Melanie and Me’.

The book’s production was supervised by Toowoomba’s Emma Mactaggart, who is principal of Boogie Books and an award-winning author.

Emma worked with seven children – Charlotte Beveridge, Oliver Hammond, Emma Donald, Eve-Anneke Eldridge, Shaelie Bee, Georgia Burke and Simon Geldenhuys – as well as artists London Heir and Dr Tarn McLean during production.

The project was the brainchild of Ruth Logan, who is an MAF board member. Mrs Logan also provided funding in memory of her late husband, Tony.

Additional funds were raised through the Peak2Park Fun Run, which was organized by Healthy Active Lifestyles Toowoomba.

“We held two weekend workshops to prepare the book,” Emma says.

“The first of those involved a writing workshop in the Toowoomba Library when the manuscript was created. At the second we focused on illustrating at High Street Shopping Centre and Westridge Shopping Centre, where we engaged with the public regarding melanoma awareness.

“The End product is a gorgeous book which will be given away to children, who attend the launch. There will be activities and entertainment to accompany the launch so it will be fun for everyone.”

The release of ‘Melanie & Me’ is timely, with summer fast approaching.

Tragically, more Australians suffer from melanoma than the population of any country in the world. As a result, it is a subject that cannot be taken lightly.

Words by Graeme Kelly