A new initiative to open the doors of the Sue Edwards Science Centre is set to ignite the minds of young scientists beyond The Glennie School gates. Eager to learn more about science, more than half of the Ramsay State School student cohort visited Glennie to step inside the purpose-built laboratory for the first time.

Years 3 to 6 students at Ramsay State School investigated the properties and uses of materials with a focus on sustainability of production, usage and recycling.Their classes split into two groups for science lessons, and for the first time, they were able to experience science as a cohesive group.

Glennie students learned about working safely in a laboratory and were introduced to the different types of laboratory equipment. As a treat, they were able to conduct a hands-on experiment.

The experiment required students to separate mixtures based on their properties. During the experiment, students learned about and used filtration, evaporation, distillation and magnetism methods.

“The children and I were very excited to be able to experience science in such a well-appointed lab.

Cathy Lavelle, the principal, and I are very appreciative of the effort by Mrs Jennifer McPhie in creating this opportunity” said Mrs Megan Bertram, a teacher at Ramsay State School.

“There are so many exciting advancements in the field of science, it gives us great pleasure to share our facilities and knowledge with students who may choose to pursue research or laboratory careers in their future,” said Mrs Jennifer McPhie, Middle and Senior Years Science Teacher at Glennie.

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