New Zealand Photographer Fiona Tomlinson has captured the understated beauty of old dogs in her new picture book Old Dogs Wisdom.

Whether you are a dog lover or not, it’s hard to deny the wonderful beauty of an old dog. You can see it in their slow movements, purposeful behaviour, and the way they remain by their owners’ side. Old dogs are loyal and wise, but at the same time are still just a puppy at heart.

From her back background in Architecture and design, to her portrait work for private clients, editorial imagery for magazines, and advertising work for local businesses, Fiona enjoys the diversity of her photography work. Her love of dogs however has steered her down the path of pet photography.

One glance at Fiona’s online portfolio will have your heart grow two sizes from all the adorable, funny, and warm photos of all types of animals. Which is a pretty strong indicator that Fiona has a real talent for photographing animals in a way that shows their personality and loving qualities.

Pets have always been a prominent feature of Ms Tomlinson’s family life and career. Fiona has more than twenty years as a professional photographer with experience in Auckland, Napier, and across New Zealand.

However, It wasn’t until Fiona’s own dog became unwell at the impressive age of fourteen, that she discovered she was lacking images that truly captured the beauty of her canine companion or the love and appreciation that she felt towards it.

“I had plenty of snapshots but nothing that captured her gorgeous expressions and the magnificent beauty that she was,” Fiona said.

This started Fiona on her journey to photograph magnificent ‘old’ dogs. The resulting book is a collection of some of the beautiful dogs she has met and captured on film.

Old Dog Wisdom is a small, square book, that also includes the dogs’ accompanying details, such as their name, age, breed (if known) alongside little pearls of ‘wisdom’. It is a truly special book that you’ll be showing anyone and everyone who will listen.

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