Megan Mackay, along with husband Adam Sutton and children Dane and Addie, represent a new generation of innovative young Australians who are passionate about the agricultural industry.

This dynamic and hardworking family is learning and implementing new sustainable and holistic farming methods, which will regenerate the soil on their property just west of Muckadilla.

When you arrive on farm at Muckadilla Pasture-Fed Eggs, you are greeted by the large, boisterous Maremma puppies, Alaska and OddBall.

At seven months, they are still too young to be left alone guarding the herd of chickens but what they lack in experience they make up for with enthusiasm. It is a busy, hands-on family business.

“We are up at 4.30am, we collect all the eggs daily by hand and yes we even stamp each one individually and we deliver them all ourselves,” said Megan.

The chickens at Muckadilla Pasture-Fed Eggs are truly free range. Their beaks have never been trimmed, meaning they can use them for breaking grass and other food into small edible pieces. They have the freedom to walk and find food, and they are able to express all of their chicken-ness.

“We are very passionate about holistic methods of animal husbandry. We provide a habitat that lets the chickens be chickens and do what they were born to do. We believe it is the essence of the chicken that results in the best eggs and we are committed to producing the best eggs,” said Megan.

Currently, Megan and Adam have almost 1000 birds and are collecting 600 eggs daily. The eggs are sold in Roma, Miles, Mitchell and Chinchilla and will hopefully soon be sold in Charleville.

Local businesses such as Roma Expresso, Lemon Grove Produce and Starlight Motel all feature Muckadilla Pasture-Fed Eggs in their cooking.

Megan has also been very active in revitalising the Roma Country Markets held at the Big Rig Parklands once a month, where a diversity of local produce and products can be purchased.

Chickens are just the beginning for Adam and Megan, who are also focused on improving soil health. They believe chickens are a great first step on their property.

“We are motivated and energised by the farming concepts and philosophies of Terry McCosker of Grazing for Profit fame and Joel Salatin from Virginia, USA. We have so much to learn and we are dedicated to improving the productivity of our farm,” said Adam.

With the average age of the Australian farmer currently sitting at 56 years and the rising cost of purchasing agricultural land, plus a growing world population, there needs to be a major shift in the way we view our agricultural industries. Adam and Megan are excited to be one small part of the revolution.

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