It may be a struggle to do what you love but playwright, David Searston, hasn’t let anything get in the way of following his dreams. Growing up in Toowoomba, in a ‘typical household’ Dave harnessed his love for writing. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Queensland which further propelled his writing career and, after spending time writing for fun, Dave started to delve further. “I started writing plays when I was about fourteen years old. It started out as a bit of fun and something to do. But I found out that I am actually good at this. So, I kept on going,” Dave said.

Dave’s writing style favours comedy. Being able to make people laugh is a trait that he loves to emulate as often as possible. One play that came from this love is called The Friendzone. At the end of 2016, Dave met a playwright through Instagram who was successful in America. This connection gave Dave the courage to take the risk and try his hand at the theatre scene in New York City. He said, “I got heaps of rejections and I was so upset. Ready to give up and go home, I got a random email from an actor who got my play from one of the theatre companies I approached. She loved it and said can I please put this play on. I was like yes, yes, yes!”

His love for performing arts and theatre developed after helping his grandfather backstage at a theatre. The passion that his grandfather and he shared together gave him a love for theatre that never went away. After a few tumultuous years and a roller coaster of ups and downs, Dave worked hard to turn it around, eventually becoming a born again Christian. Having been to one of the biggest theatre cities in the world, Dave still calls Toowoomba his home, “Whatever I do and wherever I am Toowoomba is my home, it’s in my heart and soul. I love this place.”Why does Dave love Toowoomba? “The people, plain and simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York, but Toowoomba is a beautiful place and it’s beautiful because the people here are supportive and willing to help anyone.”Where can you catch Dave working on his next masterpiece?  He does most of his writing and business at Homegrown Health, Bunker Espresso and Ground Up. He said, “I drink a lot of coffee!”

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