Just as every person in every pub has a story, so too does every pub. In hardback coffee table book PUBS YARNS— The pub, the whole pub, and nothing but the pub, stories of 60 Australian pubs and their communities across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland are captured. Each is portrayed through the photography and words of author Colin Whelan.

In the book, Colin travels across Australia on his motorbike to visit these disappearing icons of the outback and gives details of his travels between the pubs. He also shares the marvellous stories of pioneering history, the characters and the drinking culture that he uncovered. Readers learn about Australian communities in each of these country, bush and outback pubs— all with a unique story to tell about its surroundings, its neighbours, its legends, its owners and its customers, both regular and occasional.

Explored within the 300-page book are the pubs of Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson and the pubs that stand alone  in the middle of nowhere.

This educational and entertaining is suited for anyone interested in this great land and its unique history and culture of drinking.

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