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Julianna Suranyi is a leading Australian psychic and intuitive profiler who merges her ability to tell people what will happen in their lives via psychic readings with a police-trained profiling tool base to help them make positive changes in their behavior at

Psychic Medium

Born psychic, Julianna has always been able to “read” people. By age 18 she began to fully comprehend how she could use her innate understanding of people’s motivations by “feeling their brain work”.

Until then she thought it was normal to see spirit guides, be able to tell her friends what they did on the weekend before they told her and work out what people were going to do and say by seeing their thoughts as an equation in her head.

Julianna’s mediumship – her capacity to live what’s happened, what’s going on and where things are heading in people’s lives – enables her to work in partnership with spirit to deliver intelligent, accurate and respectful messages that can help people positively change the direction of their lives.

She offers one on one online and phone readings to people all around the world, one on one, face to face readings from her Brisbane studio and group psychic readings at her psychic parties and events.


Intuitive Profiling Skills

Asked to help on a missing child case in 1989 by an acquaintance that was in a police force and knew of her psychic ability, Julianna became fascinated with the motivations behind criminal behaviour. Not content to just have psychic skills, she started applying her psychic expertise to many forensic cases and received government training in psychological profiling.

To complement this, Julianna also undertook studies in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and acuity, gaining accreditation to further expand her knowledge. By working for years with the police, corporations and government departments in forensics, recruitment, corporate training and behavioural management, she gained valuable insight into how people work.

Combined with her psychic ability, her profiling skill base identifies how everyone can improve their relationships and their next steps through recognition and management of their behaviour and psyche.

Julianna is passionate about teaching people that in order for them to get the most out of their lives they need to know who they are to make the best choices for them and those around them. In conjunction with her business partner Nicole Fisher she now helps people via personal programs and workshops with personal development, intuitive branding, business strategies unique to their future and psychic development.

Media and Appearances

Julianna is a guest every fortnight answering questions on, answers questions every week for The West End Magazine readers online and has her own radio show with business partner Nicole Fisher each week on A1R Psychic Radio.
Julianna semi-regularly appears on national television show The Morning Show to provide profiling and psychic perspectives and has appeared on The Circle, in That’s Life Magazine, on Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today and Brisbane Extra and in articles in The Sunday Mail, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane News, City News, Westside News and North West News for her unique abilities, insights and opinions.

Julianna’s Skill Base

  • One of Australia’s leading psychic mediums, spiritual philosophers and intuitive profilers;
  • Media presenter comfortable on radio and television and at live events;
  • Psychic predictions for celebrities, world events, politics;
  • Analyses person-to-person behaviour – relationships, friendships, body language, NLP;
  • Advises corporate businesses, CEOs and staff on profiling techniques to maximize their business and their profits;
  • Guest Speaker at conferences, events and presents her own Live Shows;
  • Conducts Seminars and Workshops on Building Your Intuition & Values;
  • Analyses family behaviour and dynamics and family environments;
  • Provides insight into particular behaviour and why it has happened in any environment and expected behaviour utilising profiling knowledge;
  • Provides techniques to shape behaviour in any person;
  • Offers predictions on people’s behaviour using psychic and profiling ability including celebrity behaviour analysis and predictions;


Conducts celebrity interviews with a unique perception often unveiling new insights (previous interviews include Pink and Australian country singer Lee Kernaghan, Giaan Rooney and Chris “Buddha” Handy).


To secure answers you may opt to book an online or in person psychic reading with Julianna on her website