Little Liberty stylist Nicole Rosenberg and Fisher-Price want to prove that maintaining a stylish house after having children is more than achievable. By using mobile and transient furniture pieces, new parents do not need to compromise style when fashioning their living areas and nurseries.

“Layering textures with patterned soft furnishings like the Fisher-Price Baby Dome adds depth and a touch of luxury to the room,” said Nicole.

Core furniture pieces, such as coffee tables due to their sharp edges, should be eliminated until the child reaches five years old.

“This is especially important when the child is beginning to take their first steps. Freeing the space in front of a couch creates a great area for products like the Fisher-Price Baby Dome or Swing & Seat,” said Nicole.

Nicole explains the importance of knowing how to amplify the room by using colour and texture. Another key element is investing in a good living couch.

“This is your investment piece and where you will be spending so much of your time! Good couches come with a price for a reason – it’s all about comfort, longevity and durability,” said Nicole.

Design and decor elements that help create a stylish nursery include height, natural tones and a pop of greenery.

“I love creating drama in a nursery with different heights. Using décor items, either hanging from the ceiling or hung on the wall, gives the room added interest and a sense of fun. 

I also love to add in natural tones, such as light wooden accents in the furniture and pops of greenery,” she said.

These items are essential when creating your nursery: a soft lit lamp, comfortable feeding chair and storage baskets and boxes.

“Don’t be afraid of using playful decor. If the room allows have three separate zones including sleeping, feeding and playing,” she said.

When buying furniture for both the living area and the nursery safety is key.

Safety is number one, so ensure items you are buying are Australian certified,” said Nicole.

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