Co-Founder and General Manager of the Australasian Barbeque Alliance, Adam Roberts has released his latest cookbook, Ribs: with Low & Slow BBQ Guide.

A food enthusiast and self-appointed expert on all things ribs, Adam coordinates dozens of wood-fired barbecue competitions across Australia and New Zealand.

He regularly competes against Australia’s best barbecue teams on the Barbecues Galore Australian Barbecue Championship circuit and has picked up a handful of trophies for various categories including a Reserve Grand Championship trophy in 2017.

Adam has many years of girth-building food experiences or tours of places including the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, South Pacific, Arabian Desert (UAE), Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey.

He has picked up some of the best flavour combinations and cooking techniques available and lays them down in his book, Ribs, for all to enjoy.

According to Adam, ribs are the centerpiece of barbecue culture. The big, bold flavours of ribs bring people together and divide them too. Different rib types, marinades, rubs, and cooking methods can lead to passionate discussions with discerning meat lovers around the barbecue.

What exactly makes a perfect rib? Is it tenderness? Sauce-to-meat ratio? Smokiness? Good charring? Adam Roberts weighs in on the debate with this ultimate cookbook on all things that make ribs great.

There are few things in life more delicious, satisfying and universally loved than a plate of glistening, slow-cooked rack of ribs.

Ribs is the ultimate collection of the very best recipes, tips, and techniques that Adam Roberts has to offer.

The cookbook walks you through the big, bold flavours that anyone can cool with all that the readers need to know about different rib types, marinades, rubs, and cooking methods for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Unlocking the secrets to this delicious cuisine with Ribs will win everyone over. Adam Roberts aim for Ribs is to promote the low and slow barbecue method, and embrace the growing ‘competition’ culture within the barbecuing industry; experimenting and expanding whilst also acknowledging the rich heritage of American barbeque culture.

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