Karly Lane grips readers with her rip-roaring tale Six Ways to Sunday about a woman determined to stand up for her convictions, at the risk of jeopardising her future with the man she loves.

When city naturopath Rilee Summers meets the gorgeous famer Dan Kincaid, sparks fly. A whirlwhind romance follows and the next thing she knows, she is married and living on her husband’s family property in a small rural community.

Never one to shy from a challenge, Rilee is determined to win over her in-laws and the townsfolk of nearby Pallaburra, but her city ways and outspoken views only seem to alienate her further.

Opening her own naturopathy practice has always been her dream. Although Pallaburra is not Sydney, and despite the fact she is not exactly inundated with new clients, she is not ready to give up.

Things get even worse for Rilee when she champions the issue of teen pregnancies in the deeply conservative town.

Readers will follow her journey of discovery, through a marriage teetering on the edge of collapse, and the turmoil of whether to move back to the big city.

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