Australian fantasy fiction author, Kristina Evans, has published her 10th novel in her magical realism series, A Snake is Amongst Us.

The new title, Serah Kohw, Seer of Past Souls, is the first book in the transcendence trilogy where factual travel adventures, romance, and the supernatural come together.

Serah Kohw is an Australian woman who not only travels the world, but travels in different dimensions trying to overcome the spirit of friend Sarah Cupsip who dies. Sarah wants to continue to find love through Serah, leaving her a travel ticket and itinerary to journey through places, myths and legends.

Serah thought she knew her friend, but could not see the snake within her until it was too late.

This captivating fantasy romance novel is set in two worlds, appealing to women who enjoy mythology, spirits, witches, ghosts, and time travel.

Evans weaves her love of animals into the book, creating a thread that brings to light the need for empathy and the welfare of living creatures.

Evans grew up in a haunted farmhouse in the United Kingdom’s South Wales, with a clairvoyant grandmother, which exposed her to the spirit world.

It was seven years ago that Ms Evans started writing fantasy fiction after becoming bored while working in a shop.

Her laptop then became the conduit to allow spirits to share their stories of what they learnt when they lived among the living.

“We live in a world where anything is possible but only some dare to take a chance,” said Ms Evans.

“In the first of the trilogy, I have turned Serah’s dreams into reality where her desire for a soul mate coincides with a fairy-tale romance.

“Paths lay before us and every day we decide which one to take. Serah Kohw shows what can happen when the choice is made for you.”

All previous books by Kristina Evans are also titled with a person’s name, the first one being Vanessa Smythe with others including best sellers named Juliette Miller, Gavin Macleod (the only male), Rhianon Luna and Aerona Snave.

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