The annual Spring McGregor School at USQ in Toowoomba will present a floristry design workshop from 23 to 24 September. Floral creative artists Debby Birach-Mayer and Natalie Weier will lead the program.

There will be a number of workshops dedicated to learning craft skills: floristry arranging with Debby Birach-Mayer and Natalie Weier, Leather Handbag Crafting with Cheryl McIntyre, Capturing Flowers in Pastel with Tricia Taylor, and Capture Beautiful Images with David Alexander.

Under Debby and Natalie’s tutelage, participants will learn the elements and principles of floristry design, as well as proper care for flowers.

Workshop participants will be taught how to create a beautiful Strauss bouquet and a Posy Box arrangement, both of which they can take home to enjoy.

Debby is a Dutch floral designer with more than 25 years of experience in four different countries. She has worked extensively in Sydney, where she designed arrangements for a number of prestigious hotels. Alongside her work, Debby hosts workshops for IKEA with their design department.

“We use IKEA products with small in-season flowers, to create for example, a carnation spider for the children’s department. We use what’s in season, we collect leaves from the garden and design using flowers to create lovely bouquets.

The staff get very excited to see the different textures of the flowers and how that can match the textures of the homewares and the design of a house. It’s important to have flowers and plants inside the home – it’s healthy and looks nice,” said Debby.

Natalie works alongside Debby at Flowers to Impress – School of Floristry. As an experienced florist with more than ten years of experience, Natalie often hosts workshops as a trainer for the school. Natalie’s work has seen her in the Lockyer Valley, North Queensland, Darwin and Toowoomba.

Tickets to the Floristry Workshop can be purchased here.

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