Inspired to help people live healthier lives, Michelle Glassbrook, a Toowoomba-based naturopath, has written Tastes of Eden, a gluten-free, plant-based recipe book.

While aspiring to give readers information to make wholesome recipes, Glassbrook also hopes the book will raise awareness of human trafficking.

Though she had talked about Tastes of Eden‘s concept for years, it was not until attending a presentation about the A21 anti-slavery campaign that she decided to officially put pen to paper. Glassbrook was profoundly touched by the heartbreaking stories of human beings that were treated as commodities shown in the presentation.

A conservative estimate by the US Department of State reveals that there are more than 27 million people in slavery in the world today, and only one to two percent of them are ever rescued.

To help the cause and pursue her passion for cooking, Glassbrook will donate all profits of the book’s sales to support the A21 campaign.

As a young child, Glassbrook loved helping her mum stir pots in the kitchen, which led to a lifelong love of cooking. After healing herself of extreme fatigue and crippling joint pain using herbs and nutrition, Glassbrook became a naturopath and is now on a mission to help other experience vibrant health.

Her new recipe book features mouthwatering, life-giving recipes that share her love of good food.

“It doesn’t matter how big and overwhelming a problem may seem. Together, we are able to accomplish so much, and I believe that there is no higher calling in life than serving others. I’m so excited to share my message of health and to make a difference in the lives of human-trafficking victims around the world,” she said.

Tastes of Eden will be launched at Toowoomba’s Strobe Studios on Wednesday, 16 August at 6:30pm. The launch celebration is open to those who RSVP on 0432547736 before Monday, 14 August.

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