Toowoomba teenager Emily Martin is off to Paris in April to compete in the international beauty pageant, Face of the Globe 2016.

In August 2015, Emily Martin was named Miss Teen Charity Queen for Australia and overall runner up in the national competition.

How does a country girl from Westbrook get involved in an international pageant? “I found out about Face of the Globe on Star Now, a talent website, then using trusty Facebook I did a quick search and read all about the pageant and decided to apply,” said Emily. “I wanted to try something new and it seemed like great fun so I decided to apply. I thought, Why not!”


Charity fundraising plays a big part in the competition, and Emily was crowned Miss Teen Charity Queen at the national finals for raising more than $8000 for the Rainbow Child Foundation. Emily calls philanthropy a lifestyle choice. Speaking like a true pageant queen, she says: “If you can open your heart and radiate generosity into the world, regardless of your background, social status or age, we can actively together make the world a better place.” It is no surprise that Emily opted to support Rainbow Child; the not-for-profit organisation helps underprivileged children around the world. “They have reached over 25,000 children in eight years by providing schools with play pumps [water pumps disguised as play equipment], sanitation, farm seeds bank and HIV awareness programs,” says Emily.

Although yes, charity is a big aspect of the international pageant, Face of the Globe also focuses on the things one would normally associate with such competitions, including posture, elegance, stage presence, confidence, etiquette, appearance and public speaking.

With her sights firmly set on Paris, Emily is excited both for the pageant judging, but also for the trip of a lifetime. “I am most excited about arriving at the Crown Plaza London on the 2nd of April and meeting all of my lovely sisters of the sash or fellow contestants,” she says. “I am also very excited for the competition in Disney Land Paris and of course the crowning where we find out who the winners are.

“I am looking forward to trying an authentic croissant and maybe even trying snails and frogs legs.”

Back at home, Emily plans to continue her charity work while also addressing socials issues that are close to her heart. “I am very passionate about making a dint in the ever-growing depression and eating disorder statistics in modern day society. I have formed my own project called Project Happiness that aims to spread happiness within our society by means of inspirational quotes and words of kindness. With my personal past battle with depression and anorexia in 2011 and 2012, I have a heartfelt understanding of both young girls and boys battling these mental illnesses and strive to make a better future free from media stereotyping. I hope to see and also be a part in seeing these statistics decrease in my lifetime,” she says.     

Words by Alice Thompson | Images by Lynrose Photographics and Miraposa Images