Helping rural southern Queenslanders transition from surviving to thriving is the heart of Amy Walker of The Wife Creative.

I love being able to use my skills, my passion, my drive to help others,” Amy Walker says. “I think that for regional Australia to be able to flourish, there needs to be greater collaboration. I would like to think that my business encourages that.”

Drawing on her love for the land and utilising her skills in regional networking, photography, writing and social marketing, Amy does whatever she can to help small businesses thrive. She designs websites and manages social networking accounts, provides imagery for brochures and creates logos, and volunteers in numerous ways within the community. “I help people succeed at whatever they’re trying to do.”

Amy credits this passion for community development to her parents who raised her in a small New South Wales town that transitioned from being agriculture based to mining and finally, tourism. “My parents were very community minded,” she said. “My Dad has made me understand the need to give back to the community. Doing the things that I do just make sense to me.”

Amy spent four and a half years working for Warwick Tourism and Events and Destination Southern Downs. “After spending that time in the tourism sector and getting to know the people involved, it was really evident that I loved it, and that there was a need for someone to be available to help,” she said. “Without that assistance, people give up.”

Amy loves meeting with local producers, growers and creators, finding ways to showcase what they do and what they make. One way she does this is through the Southern Queensland Country Regional Food Network Seasonal Feast markets which strive to celebrate the unique culture and authentic regional food and wine experiences of Southern Queensland country.

Amy is also passionate about sharing the stories of the Southern Downs region with those who can help businesses in this area succeed. “I wanted to make sure that the Southern Downs region had something to share, that its story could be told,” she said. “In small communities it’s the people that make it tick. There are lots of great people involved in everything that happens here.”

Amy now shares those stories in a weekly column for Warwick Daily News, highlighting local producers who grow delicious fruits and vegetables.

As wife to farmer and contractor Rob Walker, and mother to their daughters Millie and Violet, Amy works hard for a thriving community that will be a haven for families. “That’s really important to me for community survival,” Amy said. “There’s a huge, untapped potential for us to promote the produce and the people behind the produce to those within a two to three-hour radius. We’re affordable, accessible and honest. There’s no pretension. The region is still in a position of maturity and growth in regional tourism, and it’s an exciting time because there’s so much left to happen.”