During term three, the Year 5 students at Dalby State School were venturing into space, exploring the solar system and learning about each of the planets – a perfect preparation for The Wonder of Science.

The Wonder of Science is a competition that engages students in Years 5 through 10 with scientific inquiries and this year’s question was, “What planets other than Earth can sustain life?” In order to respond, students completed research, conducted investigations and found creative ways to present their findings.

In the last week of term, the Year 5 students travelled to Dalby South State School where the competition was being held. Students presented their findings and actively answered questions about their presentation. They were also given the opportunity to watch other presentations from various schools and year levels.

One of Dalby State School’s teams, the ‘Martian Astronomers’, won the Year 5 category. Joe Van Niekerk, Crystal Condon, Emma Donaldson and Drew Brewer each received a medallion and were presented with a trophy by Dalby Mayor Paul McVeigh.

Their response to the competition was that Mars would be the most likely planet to sustain life. To prove this, they tested plants in different conditions to determine whether or not humans could one day have a food source on the red, rocky planet.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this challenge as it promoted teamwork and science inquiry skills. Congratulations to the Martian Astronomers!