Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fairholme College Toowoomba

Published on April 30, 2013 | in Students/Education

Celebrating over a century of being in the forefront of girls’ education, Fairholme College rejoices in the positive impact made …

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Published on April 29, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Dip me in chocolate and roll me in coconut … a new book by respected historian Professor Maurice French AM …

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Interview with Pete Evans on how to prepare for winter

Published on April 29, 2013 | in Health/Wellness

Pete Evans, celebrity chef host of My Kitchen Rules shares his tips with us on how to prepare for winter.

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Bendigo Bank Race Day

Published on April 29, 2013 | in Socials

Staff and friends of Toowoomba’s Bendigo Bank had a fabulous time at Clifford Park raising money for the Toowoomba RSPCA …

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Heritage Bank Mentor Program launch

Published on April 26, 2013 | in Socials

The Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Future Leaders recently launched the highly successful Heritage Bank Mentor Program for 2013. …

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Welcome to Ally’s blog

Published on April 26, 2013 | in Community/Events

Editor at Large, Ally Martell, takes us around Toowoomba on a bright Autumn day in her new blog for Highlife …

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About Margot Tesch

Published on April 25, 2013 | in Community/Events

Margot recently left her program management consultancy business in Brisbane to join her husband Chris full-time on their 10,000 acre …

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A Motley Crew!

Published on April 24, 2013 | in Home/Garden

When we first came to the Traprock, one experience I looked forward to was … the cattle sales yards! It …

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Q&A with Psychic Julianna

Published on April 17, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Ask a question via our Contact page! Julianna Suranyi is a leading Australian psychic and intuitive profiler who merges her …

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Psychic Readings 17/04/13

Published on April 17, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Hi Julianna, Thanks for your time, where do you see my career going this year? Any international travel? Thanks!  Tracey …

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Living with the Wild Life 12/04/13

Published on April 12, 2013 | in Home/Garden

Living in the bush and especially running a cattle enterprise, changed my perspective. This might sound really basic, but it …

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Readings on 10/04/13

Published on April 10, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

I have been working in my business as a naturopath for the last 15 years but am just not making …

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