Highlife Magazine interviews Aaron Bourne of Harold’s Finishing Touches on the upcoming fashion editorial Christmas setting.


We began with a strong base, and what more of a strong base is there than black and white strips. So strong and classic. As they say “Whatever you do, always start out with black and white…then consider colours”.

We softened the black and white stripes with a layer of brown paper. This beautiful application of paper creates a center platform for the tablescaping, but also is fun and practical. You can have someone write the person’s name at the setting where they will sit in beautiful calligraphy. At dinner parties, I like to recreate this effect and have bowls of pens on the table, so after we have eaten we can draw, write jokes, illustrate, compliment the chef, whatever! The more wine, the more creative it gets!!

From here, we added our decorations…. and lots of them… as you all know, I do NOT do minimal! So we added beautiful hessian baskets chock of decorations! We repeat the same colours throughout, whites, soft green and splashes of silver for a bit of Christmas glamour! We tied all these elements together with beautiful magnolias, the white, green and rust foliage – the perfect compliment!

We love the idea of giving each guest at the table a gift when they sit down. We had some beautiful candles wrapped in coordinating black and white paper and placed under a glass cloche. It sets the theme instantly and creates a bit of theater when the guests arrive. And who doesn’t like receiving a beautifully wrapped gift?

The final touches to the table were some curious elements to make the setting unique and memorable. We added white deer antler for a masculine touch, beautiful candles to infuse the air to greet guests as they arrive and gorgeous bell napkin rings to delight every sense!

For the perfect Christmas table remember to keep things simple: repeat colours for consistency and try to think of the little touches. These details will be sure to turn your Christmas Day into something truly memorable!

Interview by Ally Martell | Images by Sarah Elsley and Theresa Hall