As a result of our family trip to Longreach to make a presentation in honour of our grandmother Kathleen Mylne and all outback women, I was featured in a Women’s Weekly article in November 2011.

I was still struggling with the conundrum of finding an agent to help me get to a publisher, although I was painfully aware that I did not have the time to prepare a manuscript ‘on spec’ should such a miracle occur.

A month after the article ran in the WW, while I was pulled up at roadworks at Yuleba (east of Roma) an email pinged into my iPhone. It was from Allen & Unwin, inviting me to write my memoir for them! It was a dream come true. All I had to do was write all 90,000 words of it.

This was pure magic. I had only written short (real life) stories before, but Claire, the publisher, assured me they would help me through the process.

As it eventuated, I rearranged my life and just went ahead and spent the greater part of 2012 writing it. It was an enormous task, beset by doubt as usual, but after 6 months I sent in my first draft, requesting their guidance and comments, and they accepted it and passed it straight to their editor.

Working with their editor, Ann, was fantastic. She and her colleague Susin, who both worked on the manuscript, were very respectful. A far cry from the newspaper process! I learned such a lot from them.  Allen & Unwin published my memoir, In Stockmen’s Footsteps, in March 2013.

What a journey! And by no means over, I hope, as long as there is breath in me and a tale to tell.