Attendees at TSBE’s next Women in Health event on May 30 will hear from Cathie Reid, the co-founder of Australia’s largest dedicated cancer care provider, the Icon Group. Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated cancer care provider.

Cathie brings a passion for innovation focused on creating healthcare-based technology solutions and is at the forefront of many significant developments in healthcare and pharmacy. She will be discussing technology and healthcare and will be focusing on what the next 10 years will hold. “Over the past 10 years technology has driven significant disruption through most industries,” said Reid. “The way we shop, the way we pay our bills and manage our finances today bears almost no resemblance to life 10 years ago, but the way we access healthcare services has remained virtually identical. I’m confident health as an industry can’t and won’t stay quarantined from the digital revolution, and am looking forward to sharing my thoughts around how long it’s going to take and where it’s likely to start,” said Reid.

A tech geek at heart, Reid has always believed in the role digital solutions can play in exceptional healthcare delivery. This fascination in breaking new ground led her to become one of Virgin Galactic’s future astronauts, where she eagerly awaits the opportunity to travel into space and see the world from a very different perspective. In 2015 Reid was inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame and included in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Women of Influence in 2013. She was the winner of the National Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2011, and recognised by Monash University with a Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement in 2012. She is a Brisbane Lions board member, chairwoman of cybersecurity start-up AUCloud and set to be an astronaut in Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space program.

“We each only get one life and I intend to make mine as epic as I possibly can! As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly challenging myself to think differently, and a favourite way to stimulate new ideas is by changing my physical environment. If you’re always looking at life through the same lens, chances are you’ll keep seeing the same things. This is the place where I share what I see and the ideas sparked by those experiences,” said Reid.

TSBE Health has partnered with the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN to host a new series of Women in Health events in 2019. Jaden Frame, General Manager of TSBE Health said, “It is exciting to hear about what the future will hold for health and insights that Cathie Reid can share with our audience.”

Women play an instrumental role within the healthcare sector in our region, and so the purpose of this particular event series will be to bring women in health together for networking, career progression discussions, and support.

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