Mackenzie competed in the Queensland State Finals of the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition in July. She was selected from more than 200 competitors from around Queensland.

Mackenzie delivered a social commentary on the new senior assessment system and conveyed a sensitive perspective on the untold effect on students who are tired of being treated as ‘guinea pigs’. The panel considered her timely presentation to be “a voice of the generation”. Mackenzie has been committed to public speaking and debating for four years and manages to maintain an ‘A’ standard in her studies.

She is the head of the cohort in Science. Mackenzie credits Rostrum for her confidence in public speaking. “I feel as though my people skills, communicative skills and leadership skills have all significantly improved as I am now not afraid to raise my point,” she said.

Mackenzie can capture audiences and embrace current topics which is a credit to her talent and dedication, Rostrum and the support of the College.

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