Imagine sprinting, bracing for a jolt and taking a leap of faith. This is the adrenaline rush that pole vaulter and St Ursula’s College Year 8 student Shae-Lee Campbell experiences.

St Ursula’s College Year 8 student Shae-Lee Campbell has found her passion for pole vaulting has developed into real talent, having recently won bronze at the State Secondary Schools Championships. Shae-Lee says that she has always had an interest in the sport and when the opportunity came along for her to learn how to pole vault, she jumped at it. “The first jump was quite scary but fun at the same time. It was hard to try to get the right technique but I eventually got it. I can’t wait to get even higher,” she says. “My advice for someone wanting to get into pole vaulting would be to work hard, and if you’re a little flexible, can run fairly fast and are not bad at jumping, you’re off to a good start.” St Ursula’s sports director Tom Bradbury says that the College has excelled in pole vaulting having placed third with Shae-Lee and fourth with Brooke Garland at the State Championships. “It’s a pretty good result considering there are only two specifically qualified coaches in Queensland,” he says. “St Ursula’s and St Mary’s have a shared arrangement for the coaching of pole vaulting students – Mr Dave Kleeman coaches the boys and girls at the St Ursula’s facility which we hope to expand upon in coming years.”