A coffee table anthology of the animals we think we know best, All Animal Beings showcases creatures we call family, foe and food through the lens of highly awarded master photographer and animal specialist Ken Drake.

In this book, readers will find Zoo Studio’s signature stunning portraits of some of the most character-filled beings that Ken has met and photographed. All manner of animals make an appearance, from iconic wildlife to farmed animals, including the likes of Dundee the cockatoo, Penelope the pig, Cindy the camel, and Raymond the koala.

Ken Drake, with wife Beck, established Zoo Studio in 2006, specialising in animal art photography. Ken’s understanding of animal manners, body language, and knowing how to bring out the best in his furry subjects, is what sets Zoo Studios apart. The studio this duo created was the inspiration behind All Animal Beings.

This book invites the reader to engage and explore many questions relating to mankind’s relationship with animals, for instance, why are dogs considered a man’s best friend, why can cats be so aloof, and why is it okay for us to eat some animals but not others?

Zoo Studio’s trademark black background is unusual and highly effective when it comes to showing off these animals and their personalities.

The book will pull on the heartstrings of every animal-lover, and provide thought-provoking messages on who we share the earth with.

Photography aficionados will appreciate the skill that has gone into producing this stunning book.

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