Griffith University Film School post graduate students who produced a short film using Allora and Yangan as screen locations are delighted with their reception at Cannes Film Festival recently.


The film, called Ouroboros, tells the story of Linden Connor, a man from the not too distant future whose wife is at death’s door following a long history of medical problems stemming from a hit and run accident in her youth. He uses a time travel device to try and stop the accident but finds he has a complicated and emotional journey.

Southern Downs Regional Council supported the movie, assisting with a road closure during the filming in November last year, use of the Allora Community Hall and promotional assistance. Film Director Henry Boffin said Ouroboros screened as part of the Cannes Court Metrage, a short film marketplace that consists of more than 2000 short films. “While the market is saturated, Ouroboros did have an upper hand in that it was screened as part of the Griffith Film School showcase, designed to show off the best of Brisbane cinema to the Cannes audiences. The screening took place in one of the prestigious palais cinemas – a luxury that the majority of other short films did not get. The cinema was nearly maxed to capacity and the film was well received – gaining praise for its handling of the complex themes within a short time limit, its technical prowess and its acting,” he said.


Director Henry Boffin at Cannes Film Festival

SDRC Mayor Cr Peter Blundell, who attended the community screening of Ouroboros at the Allora Community Hall last month, said he was pleased the movie stacked up against the intense competition at Cannes. “This is great achievement by the movie producers and director and it’s exciting to think Southern Downs townships will be screened at festivals around the world,” he said.

Film Producer Ms Hales said the Council had been very supportive of the Griffith University Film School project. “We were pleased to hold our community screening on May 4 – everyone seemed happy with the final product and that was important for us,” she said.

Anyone with questions about the film please contact Louise Hales Co-Producer: 0418 826 535.

via Southern Downs Regional Council