Amanda Kenafake was motivated to study accountancy by a desire to help people more than from an interest in numbers. “My greatest enjoyment at work is helping people. Whether they are business owners or individuals, my task is to help them solve problems, showing them how a rethink or a restructure may solve apparently insurmountable challenges.” She began work with accounting firm Power Tynan immediately upon completing a business degree. As a senior member of staff and a member of the board of directors at Power Tynan, Amanda believes women bring a different perspective to men in the workplace.

“We have women throughout the company, but I am the only female on the board. I am often able to shine a new light on an issue and that is important in making the right decisions.” Amanda believes that gender should play no part in business. “I go to a lot of meetings in which I am the only female. But I know I am there on merit, otherwise, I would simply leave the room!”


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