Christmas in Queensland is all about keeping it light, fun and no fuss! As for the table setting – make it family-friendly (i.e. nothing too precious/breakable) and multipurpose…


  1. Scrap the tablecloth – it’s just another thing to wash.
  2. Clean the table and spread all the presents down the centre, present = decoration.
  3. Traditional Christmas decorations, flowers and greenery should smother the table – making it a fun, festive affair.
  4. Don’t use Christmas confetti – it’s a nightmare to clean up, and gets stuck on elbows. Same for tinsel – ugggh.
  5. Use baubles to fill vases or to use as place settings. They’re also a fantastic entertainment tool for little ones – get them glitter glue, and allow them to decorate the baubles in a mess-friendly space off to the side.
  6. As far as colour schemes go – choose a metallic, gold or silver, and then an accent colour – red, fuchia, blue. Don’t overthink it – family Christmas parties are supposed to look like a madhouse.

Christmas is an annual reminder for us to set time aside to spend with family and those dear to us, have fun creating a light hearted, no fuss space to do it within.

Happy Holidays – x