An emotional farewell to Director of Performance Neil Roche-Kelly was accompanied by a series of highly entertaining acts at Toowoomba Grammar’s Annual Concert in the Assembly Hall.

Neil, who has been at the school for nearly two decades, is leaving at the end of the year to pursue “other interests” and to travel.

The talent that he has nurtured over recent times was on display over 12 musical renditions and an excerpt from the play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

The actors, who filled their roles skillfully, are to perform the complete play at the Armitage Centre on 26 October.

Following the excerpt, which was enthusiastically received, the concert continued gathering momentum with lively performances by the Vivace Quartet, the Big Band and the internationally acclaimed group Grammarphones, who sang Africa, Instanbul Not Constantinople and Happy Together.

This led to the high point of the night when Connor Hill fronted the RnB Too band.

The band provided perfect backing to Connor’s strong and vigorous solos of Creep and Classic. 

Their efforts were greeted by an array of  waving mobile phone lights, foot stamping, cheers and whistles.

Members of the audience also began dancing in front of the stage and the numbers participating further increased when the RnB band began playing.

After RnB’s four allocated numbers – Ain’t Messing Around, Love Rears its Ugly Head, Dumb Things and Smooth – were completed, the dancers did not want the music to stop.

The group cheerfully played another four tunes before Neil brought an end to what was a marvelous tribute to his skills as a tutor.

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