Once again, Qi’lin Restaurant has taken the title of Savour Australia’s Best Chinese Restaurant – now for a fifth consecutive year. The award was bestowed at the Brisbane Convention Centre on August 1, and staff are excited and thrilled by the accolade.

When asked for their secret to success, co-owner and manager Annette Cheung responded with, “We try to keep our quality of food and service to the highest standard possible.”

To ensure their produce and meals are a mark above the rest, the staff eat whatever they serve on a daily basis.

“It’s an effective way to monitor our food quality”, Annette says.

She insists the rapport staff develop with customers also contributes to their success as a business.

“We do appreciate and listen to our customer’s positive and constructive feedback.”

Since opening its doors in 2008, the restaurant has also featured in Lonely Planet’s Australia Guide, plus won Best Chinese Restaurant in Australia in 2012.

For first time customers who may be enticed, Annette recommends the Chef’s specialty menu, which includes Qi’lin’s most popular and authentic dishes.

Words by Steven Zoricic
Image by Qi’lin Restaurant