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A group of Queensland cake decorators has recently completed their own epic journey in honouring the 100th year of ANZACS. Merivale Cakes, a decorating and training business from Toowoomba in SE Queensland, organised the tour for a group of four decorators and two partners. The group travelled from Brisbane and Toowoomba to attend the London ExCel International Cake expo and competitions from 27 to 29 March 2015.

The primary criterion of the international category in the competitions requires the exhibits to be representative of the decorators’ home country. To achieve this two advanced students from the tour, Sherri Sutton and Caitlin Mitchell, created cakes based on the ANZAC theme. A third advanced student, Narelle Brown, although not a part of the tour completed her own ANZAC themed cake which the group delivered to the competitions on her behalf.

The three exhibits won two gold and one bronze award and an overall third place in the competition. Each design was inspired by the research undertaken by the competitors and their challenge was made even harder by having to create a design that was easy enough to transport but sturdy enough not to break during transport.

Highfield resident Sherri Sutton won the bronze award for her exhibit, the youngest ANZAC, which was a dedication to Private James Charles (Jim) Martin who was 14 years and 3 months when he enlisted in the First World War. Caitlin Mitchell, from A Little Cake Place in Annerley, won the gold award for her monument design that was a tribute to all of the monuments, memorials and names of the fallen soldiers that are scattered around Australia. Highfield’s Narelle Brown took home the gold award and overall third place in the international category for her high profile badge design. It was an inspiring representation of the cultural-icon, the ANZAC badge and the detailed story telling around the sides of the cake.

Following the expo the three exhibits were left at Queensland House, The Strand London where they were stored and put on display at The Centenary Legacy Ball, London in mid April.

Highlife Magazine - https://highlifemagazine.net - ANZACCakes

(Photo: – Legacy Centenary Ball with the New Zealand and Australian High Commissioners to the UK, the Turkish Ambassador, and the Chair and CEO of Legacy.

In consideration of the logistical task of getting the cakes decorated, packed, freighted to London via Brisbane/Dubai/Manchester, Sheffield, Bath and finally onto London without damage was a success story in itself. And it is a story that deserves to be told, as another way of keeping alive the Australian ANZAC spirit.

Story via Merivale Cakes