Born in Ipswich, and only 23-years-old, number one internationally ranked Australian tennis champion Archie Graham hopes to perform the ultimate hat trick at the 2017 INAS World ID Tennis Championship in England next month, after previously winning two world titles.

and his family hope to make his dreams of defending both his single and double titles come true by raising enough money through a gofundme account to cover his travel expenses.

Following Ian Thorpe’s ABC TV documentary about bullying, Archie story is especially potent; he was also bullied when he was younger for having Asperger’s syndrome.

“[Tennis] helped me make new friends, understanding people, have independence and have fun without bullying because I was bullied a lot in high school because of my Asperger’s,” Archie wrote.

“It hurt, but now having this life has reminded me of how much those guys who bullied me aren’t worth it, and my message to others out there is that I encourage you to get out there and play the sport that you love because it takes you so far in life to many amazing experiences around the world.”

Beginning his tennis career eight years ago, Archie first started out playing tennis as a hobby, before discovering his talent for the sport and love for the game.

“When I was a younger boy I wasn’t serious about it back then, and since I started watching more of the professionals play live and it basically runs through the whole family that’s how I established my love for the game.”

Then I started playing around the state and winning the Australian Open, because that’s where they determine the players who do well and get to go overseas.”

Archie first won the 2015 ID Tennis Championship Men’s back in Ecuador, and defended his world title a second time last year in Delaware, USA.

He listed being presented the Sue Fleming 2014 Award by Australian tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt, and meeting world #8 Grigor Dimitrov as his career highlights so far.

When asked about his the support he has received from his family, Archie finished off by writing, “My family, friends and my team have being outstanding in supporting me. My mum and grandmother, they’ve being a huge part of my life because they helped me realise my full potential and have supported me from the moment I started.”


Banner image: Lleyton Hewitt presenting Archie Graham with Sue Fleming Award