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Bruce Griffiths retired his construction hat for a paintbrush in 2002 and since has become an award-winning artist and exhibitor. The self- taught master of watercolour paints with a passion for the fine art depicting places he has been and landscapes he has seen; a lifetime of fishing, construction and the bush. His works essentially moves the spectator into a time and a place beyond the canvas.

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Bruce’s paintings are currently on display at Toowoomba’s Fiore Gallery and features several watercolour works; Winter of Our Lives and Silicon Beach to name a few. For those who are yet to view his work or would like to return, Bruce is excited to announce an extension of his exhibition until 10th May with a bonus demonstration painting scheduled for 10:30am on 2nd May, most likely a tribute to the heritage building itself.

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The watercolourist can be found at the gallery every weekend during the exhibition and said he “enjoys greeting and meeting people, sharing stories and receiving feedback”. His advice for aspiring artists: “Being a late bloomer myself, it is never too late. At present I can never find enough time to paint.”

For more information on Bruce Griffiths Art Exhibition at Fiore Gallery you can contact the artist himself at brucegriffiths@yahoo.com.au.

Words by Mary Harm