Mick Sinclair wants his art to confront you, shock you and rip out your spinal cord. But apart from that, he’s a really nice guy. Mick is regarded as “very epic” in Toowoomba artistic circles, and the description fits just as well for the man as for his work.

Big oil paintings are his preferred medium, and they often measure at least two metres by two metres – epic creations which scream for your full attention and will not rest until they have received it. Religious symbols and themes feature prominently, as so faces which most of us would tremble to encounter in our nightmares.

“My paintings might be considered ‘dark’ for the average Toowoomba person perhaps, but they are really just a different way of seeing life,” Mick says. “A broad spectrum of people buy my work – so while I want I want it to be confronting, I want people to like it too. Some people in the world know nothing about arts or music or culture, but they do know when a painting speaks to them. I want that art to be accessible to as many people as possible. Religion is a recurring theme for me – not because I am religious, but because I am interested in religion. I think it has a lot to answer for.”

Mick is a relative latecomer to the world of art, but has been busy making up for lost time. Now aged 48, he only picked up a paintbrush four years ago after being inspired by the works of Vincent van Gogh. “I do it because I have to – because I have to channel my imagination,” Mick says.

“A lot of my paintings come from my dreams and my imagination, and one canvas can be the culmination of many of those dreams. “I just love creating art, and I reckon that in 50 years’ time, I will be just as excited about doing it as I am today.” Unlike many artists, Mick does not aspire to a full time career behind an easel. He already has another job, but uses his spare time not just painting but making his own canvases and modelling glue.

“Work funds my art,” Mick says. “Then the money you make from the sale from that art lets you fund the next piece.” The epic work of Mick Sinclair will feature in an exhibition at Insight Gallery later this year.

Insight Gallery is located at 416 Ruthven St Toowoomba and open seven days a week.

 Artist profile courtesy of Insight Gallery