ZecolourToowoomba teen Felicity Cause loves animals.

She also loves painting and drawing. It seemed only natural, then, that she should combine these two passions and specialise in creating beautiful artworks of animals.

Working with a range of mediums, including pastels, watercolours and oil paints, Felicity paints and draws ready-to-hang and commissioned works of beloved pets for her clients. “Horses are my favourite,” she said. “Horses and dogs. I grew up around horses. I always had them and I’ve always loved them.” Continuing this trend into her young adult life, Felicity currently owns a horse named Max, as well as two dogs named Bea and Mandy.Felicity-Cause

Felicity’s love of artistry began at an early age. She grew up travelling Australia in a caravan with her family. Her parents owned a steel cattle yard building business, which meant they spent eight months of the year on the road. She and her two older brothers, Matt and Jack, were home schooled throughout their primary school years before becoming boarders in high school. Felicity boarded at Warwick’s SCOTS PGC College. “I saw a lot of rural Australia when I was a kid, but there was no TV or anything like that. I had to keep myself occupied somehow!” Artistry became a hobby, as she recreated on the page the native flora and fauna she saw throughout her travels. Home, when they returned home for the wet season, was in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Approximately 35 minutes from Maleny, Felicity lived in the middle of a lush, green rainforest. She has always loved animals, and this love spilled over into her creative pursuits.

Though the creative process is pleasurable and relaxing in itself, Felicity says she experiences a special kind of joy when she has completed a commissioned piece. “It’s so rewarding when I show a client a commissioned work I’ve finished for them. I love seeing their reaction.” As well as commissions, Felicity sells her work at markets and through her Facebook page. Lately, she has been taking time to explore graphite, and is pleased with the results. “It’s nice to have some time to really appreciate graphite. There is a lot you can do with it,” she said.

Felicity’s love for animals goes beyond recreating them as art. She is currently studying vet nursing, and aspires to work in the animal care industry. Additionally, she is learning Emmett therapy, a light touch therapy for humans and animals. She plans to use this technique to work with horses. Her caring and compassionate nature and utter adoration for animals is evident in her art. Each piece is crafted with love, and she strives to capture a true likeness to all of her subjects.

These days, Felicity is based in Wyreema. Set in the undulating eastern Downs, Wyreema is about 15 kilometres south-west of Toowoomba. The vastness and country lifestyle appeal to her. “There are views for ages. It’s nice to live somewhere so open. And I love the weather!”

To see some of Felicity’s work, visit her Facebook page.

Words by Gemma Easton | Images supplied by Felicity Cause