Queensland artist Ruby Eaves has donated one of her paintings to the YWCA Encore program; it will be a centrepiece of her `My Impressions’ exhibition at Feather & Lawry Design in Toowoomba in February and March.


Ruby Eaves, who is known for her atmospheric landscapes of Australia, has been painting for more than 40 years and has won numerous awards for her work. She enjoys painting in watercolour, oils and acrylics and strives to capture that “magical atmospheric moment” in her work. Her greatest inspiration comes from observing nature, painting those early morning mists to the earthy colours of the Australian outback. Recently Ruby travelled to France and was inspired by the French Impressionist artists including Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and many others. It was from this inspiration that `Spring-New Beginnings’ was created.

`Spring-New Beginnings’ will be raffled to raise money for YWCA Encore, an 8-week program designed specifically for women who have experienced breast cancer. Incorporating gentle exercises, relaxation techniques and medical information, it is safe and therapeutic, with an exercise program that is specially designed to target areas that have been affected by breast cancer surgery and treatment. Participation is at no cost, and all funding comes from fundraising efforts such as this one by Ms Eaves and Feather & Lawry Design.


The painting was on display at Friday’s  YWCA Queensland Old Bags Lunch. The artwork will be shown from February 3at Feather & Lawry Design prior to opening  night on February 6 when the raffle will be drawn.  RSVP Feather& Lawry Design (07) 4638 8209. `My Impressions’ will continue until March 31 at Feather and Lawry Design Gallery, 4 Russell Street, Toowoomba , Monday to Friday from  9am to 5pm.

Visiti www.yq.org.au  to view artwork and purchase raffle tickets