The Barbara Cherry Foundation is a new foundation with a commitment to supporting those in need. The not for profit organisation is passionate about helping and uses 100 per cent of its donations to fund projects, with aims to provide disaster relief and feed the poor. The foundation was created in order to continue the life’s work of Barbara Cherry who had a drive to to give the less fortunate a helping hand.

The first significant act of the Barbara Cherry Foundation will be supporting Karara residents by way of providing a donation of more than 500,000 litres of pure drinking water. Karara is a part of the Southern Downs Regional Council that is currently going through a drought and now face unaffordable options for at home water delivery. This donation will be a great contribution.

The Barbara Cherry Foundation team will be hosting a Meet and Greet on the 12 October, 2019 at 4pm at the Karara Tavern, so that those involved in this large donation can meet each other in person and tell representatives on the ground what the drinking water means to residents and whether the program will meet with their future requirement’s. Barbara Cherry, a giver and philanthropist all of her life wanted her work to continue after her death and John, her husband, from his own pocket is ensuring this takes place. John Cherry states, “I, like Barbara am committed to our motto which is Giving Beyond Living”.

The Barbara Cherry Foundation thanks the employees of The Southern Downs Council, Mayor-Tracy Dobie, CEO-David Keenan , Charee Aspinell, Pia Fletcher, Georgia Lawton and the volunteers who are helping make this event something to remember.