Ekene Aghanwa and Hope Loveday are relishing their role as School Captains at The Glennie School.

In their final year at Glennie, Ekene and Hope were inspired by the school’s annual theme, Be the Reason, to guide them in their leadership duties. As Captains, Ekene and Hope are focused on giving back to the school community that has afforded them opportunity, friendship and academic success. Social awareness is high on their agenda and will see their two new initiatives, the Big Sister, Little Sister Project, and visits by Glennie girls to support students at a local primary school Special Education Unit introduced during the year.

After identifying a gap in leadership opportunities for Year 10 students, Big Sister, Little Sister will assist students in building on their connections with Year 8 students who have just navigated their way through their first year of Middle School. The second initiative is for students in Years 10 and 11 to be buddies for students identified with special needs. Glennie students will be able to forge strong friendships by listening to them read, playing with them in the playground or classroom, and helping with homework. After school, Ekene plans to pursue furthers studies in Medicine focusing on working with children in Paediatrics.

Her positivity and compassion is sure to see her excel in this field. Hope will engage her love of English as she furthers her studies in Creative Writing and possibly secure a career in the film and television industry.