On a mission to bring humans and beans closer together, Co-Founder of Human Bean Co, Angus Woods, has taken the humble faba bean from paddock to plate and given it a new home on supermarket shelves and on the snack menus of bean lovers Australia wide.

As the second generation of The Woods Group and head of the Woods Foods and Seeds divisions, sustainable farming has always been in Angus’s blood. “My family has been growing crops since the 1950s at our farm, Billa Billa, which is based in the premium grain growing region of Goondiwindi, southern Queensland,” he said. Angus and his family grow, market and handle a range of crops, specialising in wheat, barley, chickpeas, mungbeans and sorghum, as well as chana dahl (split chickpeas), mung dahl (split mungbeans) and of course, faba beans.

In 2012, Woods Foods was formed in recognition of increased health awareness, changing dietary needs and the challenges of global health issues like obesity. After 10 years of growing faba beans, Angus and his team realised they had the power to make the world a healthier place and turn this super bean from boring to beneficial in the eyes of humans. “Recognising the changing dietary requirements of humans worldwide, coupled with the strong nutritional profile of the faba beans, we launched Human Bean Co to satisfy growing demand for plant based, high protein, high fibre, allergen free food that is tasty, nutritious and convenient.”

Since the beginning, the main objective of Human Bean Co for its creators has been to provide people with a healthy snack alternative — and that is exactly what they have done. “A tremendous amount of work goes into developing a brand, so to finally see it on a shelf in someone’s shop, whether big or small, is extremely satisfying.” After reaching the national market, Angus and the Woods Foods team are now focused on growing the brand and being authentically local and sustainable. “I have grown up in a family business where sustainable farming practices have always been at the forefront. If you don’t look after the land and the soils, then there won’t be anything left to farm in the future.” Faba beans also naturally rejuvenate the earth by releasing valuable nitrogen into the soil as they grow, making them valuable to farms and the whole planet.

Angus and the team plant, grow and harvest their faba beans, and then air puff, flavour and package them on site. The wholefood snack is naturally rich in nutrients, high in protein and dietary fibre, low in fat and free of saturated fat.

Angus said that while launching Human Bean Co has been a first for him and his team, the experience has reiterated the importance of growing and diversifying as a business and continuously developing their skills. “While we do work with specialists in certain fields, I truly believe that to succeed, you need to learn for yourself and then get out there, work hard and make it happen.”

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