The arctic winter winds may well have descended on the Darling Downs, but the housing and development market is red hot. Queensland, and the South East in particular, is an investment hotspot according to the latest Australian Property Investors survey. More than half the respondents to its July survey say their next purchase would be in Queensland.

West Australia was the second most popular spot, with New South Wales and Victoria slumping behind a burgeoning South East Queensland. And property gurus across Australia are echoing the change in investment, with many now publicly earmarking the south east as the only place in all of Australasia to buy real estate in right now. Property experts have described the Garden City as being part of a golden triangle which stretches from three points – Toowoomba, out to the Sunshine Coast and down to the Gold Coast.

Local real estate agent, Jen Taylor, of Jen Taylor Properties agrees with her southern colleagues but believes the gold in that triangle is really more relevant to the Darling Downs region. “Prices on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts are already much higher, and with a new airport and multi billion dollar range crossing becoming a reality, investing in Toowoomba right now is more affordable and more fruitful.” Ms Taylor says many local developers and investors are already well aware of the potential and are capitalising. “I already have clients who have shown confidence in the market, and as such, are reaping the rewards from interstate investors, who are looking to purchase ‘off the plan’ developments.”

The local agent says the diversity of the Garden City and it’s surrounds sets it apart from other investment hotspots. “We have such a wonderful array of investment opportunities in our burgeoning region, including agriculture, mining and education to name a few. Combine that with an affordable lifestyle, close proximity to Brisbane and the large developments recently approved, and we stand head and shoulders above the coastal areas. Beat those southern investors or prepare to sell to them while the market is booming. Either way, you can’t lose.”

Words via Jen Taylor Properties