Beauty Effects owner June Warry recently returned from Europe, where she was the only Australian to take part in a masterclass devoted to training professionals in the latest knowledge and techniques in the tattooing and beauty industry.

June has more than 17 years experience in the beauty industry and has been doing cosmetic tattooing for almost 12 years. She started Beauty Effects back in 2005, where it moved around for several years until finding a permanent home in Toowoomba in Decembe, 2015. According to June, what sets Beauty Effects apart from other cosmetic stores is that its specialises in the face. “We treat only the face and provide our clients with the most modern techniques,” states June. They are also fortunate to have Dr Axell Jones on board, who specialises in cosmetic injectables. June say, he is one of the Australia’s most successful and experienced cosmetic injectors.

Attending the European masterclass was a unique experience and has given June a wealth of knowledge that she is excited to introduce to her store, she reveals.

While enjoying the beauty of Paris, she was able to network with leading professionals in the industry.

June was the only Australian to attend the seminar, which she said was fantastic as she was not only able to gain valuable knowledge from some of the best cosmetic artists from around the globe but was also able to educate them on some of Australia’s beauty trends, rules and guidelines and of course our Aussie slang.

When first deciding to undergo the masterclass training overseas June felt their that Australia was falling behind and weren’t on track with the rest of the world’s beauty trends. Therefore, she wanted to ensure she was able to gain overseas knowledge on the latest worldwide trends and techniques in both the tattooing and beauty industry.

June is extremely excited to bring the latest European techniques back to Australia, some of the current trends include ombre eyebrows, smokey eyeliner and full lip colour.

The master class seems to have paid off as Beauty Effects has been bustling with excited customers since her return.

“I think clients love to know that I’m always pushing myself and prepared to learn the most up to date techniques to give my clients the best possible results,” June explains. She hopes to be able to attend at least one international training event a year in order to keep up with the latest techniques.

Cosmetic tattooing has been a growing trend over the last few years. June states that she’s always been brow obsessed and this is what inspired her to initially begin cosmetic tattooing. She also mentions that sadly she wasn’t blessed with amazing natural brows and therefore says that cosmetic tattooing is perfect for herself and her clients who want that ‘natural’ brow shape that best suits their face.

Stocked with an abundance of new trends and techniques to play with, Beauty Effects is excited to see what the future will hold. June says, she has big plans for Beauty Effects and is excited for her clients to follow them on their new journey.


Banner image: June Warry