In Better Brain Food Cookbook, Australian dietitian Ngaire Hobbins provides her answer to improved cognitive health and general well being.  Through recipes, lifestyle guides and evidence-based science, Hobbins explores the way food and nutrition can help combat dementia and mental decline.

Hobbins takes the guess work out of dieting choices as you progress from your 40’s onward. For instance, as people age,  their appetite may diminish and they may need to increase their protein intake.

The recipes and tips presented in the book show you just how you can do that.

With more than 70 recipes ranging from snacks and light meals to more substantial offerings and even desserts, Hobbins, along with the help of recipe developer and author, Michelle Crawford, have created a guide book to keep your mind alive with the help of the right foods.

“No one can claim to have all the answers to preventing dementia or cognitive decline and neither does this book suggest these recipes guarantee that,” said Hobbins.

“But what you do get is a discussion, in everyday language, of the things – including foods – research has shown so far can help reduce the risk of dementia along with enticing and achievable recipes based on that.”

Better Brain Food is available from Murdoch Books for $39.99.

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