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Beverley Buckley, who published her debut novel Final Days of Judgement in November of 2015, will be visiting the Warwick Library this Wednesday 23 March at 10:30am. The day will provide her readers with the opportunity to meet Beverley and discuss the book with her over a light morning tea.

“The book is in two sections,” Beverley said. “The first is a series of what I call ‘tools’ which explain how information is provided to us so that we can grow spiritually. The most important ones are the ‘mirror’ and the ‘metaphor’.” Final Days of Judgement has been a long time coming, with the initial draft being written back in 2002. “The initial draft of the book was written in 2002 as an attempt to clarify my own thinking,” Beverley said. Beverley then left the book until 2015, when she felt that she needed to publish her work. “To do this, I needed to re-work what I had written originally and incorporate what I had learned during the fifteen years since I first wrote it.”

Beverley lived in Italy four months prior to decision to publish Final Days of Judgement, and felt that her time in Italy was instrumental. “The time I spent in Italy, living in one of Europe’s largest and oldest spiritual communities, was valuable in allowing me to understand more fully some of the ideas so that I was able to complete the book,” she said.

Beverley uses writing to clarify and organise her thinking, and the writing process is a useful way for her to record her thoughts and insights into things she feels are significant. “Ideas flow extremely easily when I write and I don’t often re-write,” Beverley said. “I am told that my skill is in piecing together many pieces from a whole range of disciplines, as in a jig-saw puzzle and seeing the patterns that hold things together.”

Beverley is very excited to meet her readers this Wednesday at the Warwick Library. If you would like to come to this free event, you need to RSVP by calling 4661 0342 by 21 March.

Words by Emma Johnson
Image supplied by Southern Downs Regional Council