Australian agriculture and technology startup BlockGrain has teamed up with Clear Grain Exchange, one of Australia’s largest online grain marketplaces.

This relationship will see Clear Grain Exchange working side by side with BlockGrain to provide direct marketing options to farmers who are storing their commodities on farm. BlockGrain allows farmers to accurately track their commodities from paddock to farm storage, and from bulk handlers through to the consumer. It utilises blockchain technology, which allows for the recording and storing of millions of transactions in one single computer network.

CEO of BlockGrain Caile Ditterich said the collaboration with Clear Grain Exchange was a natural progression of the company. “BlockGrain’s on farm storage application is the first of its kind and establishes data integrity for grain stored on farm,” Caile said. “By linking it with a trusted platform like Clear Grain Exchange, our customers can access an open network of buyers in Australia to ensure they achieve true value for their commodities. We are very excited to be working alongside the best in the business. Clear Grain Exchange have a track record of returning value to farmers by operating an open and independent exchange where all buyers can purchase grain direct from farmers. This sits well with our ethos, which is to return as much value to farmers as we can.”

Managing Director of Clear Grain Exchange Nathan Cattle said BlockGrain’s applications fit well with their exchange technology. “Integrity around grain data is important for participants to have confidence in what they are buying and selling on an electronic exchange,” said Nathan. “BlockGrain are a young and dynamic business looking to solve the gap of accurate information for grain stored on farm which is something we are motivated to support. Many of our customers have been asking for Clear Grain Exchange to trade grain stored on farm and BlockGrain provide a missing piece to help make this happen.”

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